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Jakub Banasiewicz

Graduate of School of Spanish, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. In Verva, he is the CFO, translator and teacher with many years of experience. As an interpreter, he has cooperated with, for example, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Warsaw, the Ministry of Agriculture and the District Governor’s Office in Poznań. He is a specialist in teaching adults.

About us

Who with?

We are the owners of a language school for companies and also active teachers. Therefore, we know how valuable the work of our specialised staff is.

We employ only qualified and charismatic personalities. Teaching is not merely their job, but also their passion. Together we are a team and our teachers are provided with full methodological and administrative support.

When and why?

Verva was established in 2005. Our teaching experience gathered until then had shown us that language courses for companies present the most interesting and varied challenge.

We derive the greatest satisfaction from watching our students use the acquired knowledge in practice. Owing to our courses, working in an international environment becomes easier.

What else?

We offer open language courses co-financed by the European Social Fund.

Since 2013, we have carried out 4 large projects in 3 provinces and taught 1080 students

How do we do this?

Business environment is incredibly dynamic. The needs of the companies we work for can change on a day to day basis. We know that a standard course is often not enough. Therefore, we analyse the needs of a given work environment and adjust our curriculum on an ongoing basis.

We emphasise the importance of communication and practical aspects of language use. Verva means the highest quality, which has been confirmed by more than 2000 employees of companies cooperating with us.

Who for?

For companies. Small, medium and large. It does not matter what their size is. We offer all our clients the same enthusiasm and professional approach. We organise courses for small businesses (one or more groups) and large supraregional projects.

For Allegro and Enea, we organised courses for a few hundred employees in more than a dozen locations in the whole country.



Language Courses For Companies

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